Dos and Don’ts

As ambassadors for the company, it is important that you show a responsible attitude to drinking, both in and out of the workplace. We want you to be able to enjoy our brands as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and make informed decisions about what, and how much, you drink.

We have an obligation to ensure that you don’t endanger yourselves or each other because you are affected by alcohol. You therefore need to be aware of what we consider inappropriate behaviour around alcohol consumption, as this will be taken seriously and may result in disciplinary action.

We realise that we also have a responsibility to you to promote responsible drinking and want to help you make smart choices around alcohol. So, when we provide you with an alcoholic drink, we will, wherever possible, ensure that appropriate food and non-alcoholic beverages are available … and remind you to take advantage of it. We will also arrange transportation where regular public transport is not possible or accommodation after internal events, or provide you with a taxi charge to get home safely. We will always respect your choice not to drink and will never put you in a position where you feel pressured to consume alcohol.


Drinking on the Job

As a general rule, you must not consume alcohol in your usual place of work or on company business. There are, of course, a number of exceptions to this. These are:

  • Where you are required to sample alcohol at work to perform your duties (including winemakers, marketing staff, sensory panel personnel, cellarhands and quality assurance staff);
  • Where you are invited to sample alcohol at work as part of training or an organised tasting;
  • Where you are representing the company in circumstances where it is appropriate to consume alcohol;
  • At social functions approved by a director, or their direct report (including lunches, conferences and “Friday night drinks”).

On such occasions your consumption must be reasonable and appropriate and you must ensure that your performance and/or behaviour is not impaired and does not negatively impact the safety of yourselves or others.

You can find out more about your responsibilities and our requirements in terms of alcohol and the workplace in your local Alcohol & Drugs policy.

Professionals always spit

Tastings are about tasting, not drinking. Part of your job may be participating in tastings. Make sure you use the spittoons supplied to keep the amount of alcohol you consume to a minimum. Even if you are careful to spit out everything you drink, some alcohol will enter your system. Do not drive after a tasting. If possible, try to schedule tastings before lunch – this is the best time from a sensory standpoint and also leaves plenty of time for the alcohol to leave the bloodstream before the end of the day.

Social Events and Company Conferences:

You are expected to view team-related social events and company conferences as a workrelated occasion and, as such, balance professional conduct with conviviality.

You must accept responsibility for your own alcohol consumption at all company events and excessive drinking is not tolerated. Unacceptable drinking includes where, in the opinion of management, your behaviour may cause embarrassment, distress or offence to others or you continue to drink when told to stop by a manager. This type of behaviour is viewed as unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action being taken.

Family, friends and minors may attend company social events only if specifically invited. In all cases they are your responsibility and you are expected to ensure that their behaviour meets our high standards of social responsibility.


Alcohol and Minors:

Alcohol misuse by young people is a serious problem and reducing underage drinking is a priority for us and the Pernod Ricard Group. We do all we can to ensure that our products are not promoted or sold to minors. You all have a duty of care in this regard and are reminded of your responsibility not to facilitate or condone underage access to, or consumption of, alcohol. In particular, where minors are invited to social events (for example a children’s Christmas party), you must make sure that any minor under your control does not drink any alcohol.

Disciplinary Action for Drunken Behaviour:

If you are drunk and involved in an incident or engage in behaviour, at work or otherwise, which may damage our reputation, you may be subject to disciplinary action, which may include loss of employment.


Common sense is a full-time job

The most important thing you bring to work is neither your mobile or sandwiches. Its your common sense. Use it. Alcohol is our business and you will encounter situations where you may drink at lunch or at events during the day. Use your judgment, know your limits and remember: you are free not to drink if you choose. The workplace should be pleasant and professional.