Promoting responsible drinking

We are deeply committed to presenting a mature, balanced and responsible approach to alcohol consumption through the ethical marketing of our products and promotion of responsible drinking initiatives to reduce alcohol-related harm.

Responsible Marketing:

As the co-leader in the global drinks industry, we must be exemplary in the way we market out products.

All our advertising, promotions and packaging must comply with Pernod Ricard’s rigorous Code for Commercial Communications, which includes a requirements for a prominent “responsible drinking” message. We also take compliance with local laws and self-regulatory codes very seriously and all our advertising, promotions and packaging is carefully vetted by our legal and CSR teams to ensure we comply.

The codes apply to every activity carried out in order to market and promote our brands, regardless of department or role. They are summarised in the Marketing Guidelines, which can be found on Thirst Online or obtained from Pernod Ricard Winemakers’ CSR Manager.

Marketing teams and agencies and other relevant employees receive training in the codes. If you think that you or an agency/business partner would benefit from a training session, please contact your local CSR Manager.




Campaigns and Industry Initiatives

We have carried out a large number of initiatives to promote responsible drinking including:

  • Jacob’s Creek’s The Wine Line campaign, launched at the 2012 Australian Open to educate consumers that a typical 150ml serve of wine contains 1.5 standard drinks, which led to The Wine Line App
  • Brancott Estate’s anti-drink drive campaign, “Who’s driving? Get the team home safely”, run during the 2011 New Zealand Rugby World Cup
  • The Drinking Pitch competitions, which challenge students to come up with campaigns to encourage their peers to drink more responsibly
  • Our initiative, in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation of Wine & Nutrition, to educate Spanish university students about responsible drinking 

We also contribute to wider industry efforts to encourage responsible drinking through our membership or support of industry bodies and non-governmental organisations. We actively participate in cross-industry initiatives to help provide relevant information and responsible drinking messaging to consumers.

For example, we are a strong supporter of DrinkWise Australia’s scheme to put consumer messaging on products and marketing materials and were the first wine company in Europe to include the Wine in Moderation logo on its products’ labels. We also played an important role in setting up The Tomorrow Project, NZ’s new cross-industry social change organisation, and are promoting its responsible drinking brand, Cheers!.