Drinking guidelines & standard drinks


Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

Most people realise that drinking to excess isn’t good for them, but what’s considered “excessive” varies from person to person. Luckily for you, each country has its own alcohol guidelines based on the evidence concerning the health risks of alcohol. We recommend that you are familiar with, and stick to, these guidelines.  You can find summaries of these guidelines at:


New Zealand


Standard Drinks

Standard drink measures are important as they are the amount of alcohol your body can process in an hour, on average. Also, Government guidelines are based on standard drinks. In Australia, New Zealand and Spain, a standard drink is equivalent to 10g of pure alcohol.

Counting standard drinks is a much more reliable measure of how much alcohol you consume than counting glasses, bottles, or cans, which may contain varying amounts of alcohol. Alcohol labels have a standard drink measure. As a reference point:

standard drinks