How to be a good host

If you are hosting, or involved in the organisation
of, an internal or external event, there are a
number of things you need to keep in mind.

Planning an Event


  • You take reasonable steps to verify that the venue complies with relevant legislation relating to the sale of alcohol
  • All bar/catering/venue staff are well briefed and trained in our responsible drinking policies, understand the importance of responsible serving and recognise the high standards we have and maintain on responsible drinking


Responsible Drinking Messaging


  • All event collateral and planning adheres to the relevant Pernod Ricard and local marketing codes
  • Any invitations and speeches include a responsible drinking message, as appropriate, e.g. ‘Enjoy brand x responsibly’
  • You discuss with your local CSR team whether other responsible drinking collateral should be displayed.
Availability of Food and Water, serving times


  • Food is served, where logistics allow
  • Water is visibly and freely available at all events, at all times
  • Time for pre- or post-dinner drinks is limited, particularly if alcohol is served throughout the meal
  • We do not fund additional drinks once the formal entertainment and drinks have ended


  • All guests/attendees clearly know the start and finish time of the event
  • The availability of transportation home is communicated in advance of the event
  • Assistance is offered in ordering pre-booked taxis and ensure, where possible, that an efficient system for taxis is provided


Internal Events


  • Transportation or accommodation is arranged or taxi charges provided if the location of the event is not serviced by public transport
  • Employees are reminded in advance of the event:
    • That a responsible approach to drinking is necessary and they are expected to be able to perform their role the following morning
    • They can book taxis home (sharing where reasonable), or book accommodation (where appropriate)

The host doesn’t have the most

When entertaining you will find yourself in countless situations where you have choices to make about alcohol – lunches, dinners, parties and bars. The situations are many, but the choice is simple: know your limits and stick to them. Having a glass of wine with dinner is fine, but if the success of an event or party depends on you, you might wish to stay extra sharp.

Feel free not to drink if you wish and, in those situations where you find it appropriate to order a drink, remember: you don’t have to finish it. You may politely call it a night at any time, even if everyone else wants to continue socializing. When you represent Pernod Ricard Winemakers, you are expected to act with the professionalism our brands symbolize. And be true to yourself.

With larger events, it is particularly important to ensure that the event reflects our high standards and that social drinking remains social. So, if someone has had too much to drink, take them aside and encourage them to switch to water or a soft drink. If some guests wish to continue celebrating, either at the same location or at another, be  sure they understand that our event is over and they are on their own.